It’s a straight forward question, with a ‘not so straight forward’ answer. But please read on to the end as I have a solution to share with you. If you are planning a trip by air and want to take crackers, there are 4 important points to consider…

1 Check with your airline first.

There is a long list of about 20 airlines that prohibit crackers altogether. Other airlines have their own rules. Some allow 1, or in some cases 2 packs of crackers in hand luggage, while some only allow them in checked-in luggage.

2 What about the airport?

You may have sorted out the details with your airline, but it doesn’t end there. Every airport also has it’s own rules too. So, even if your airline allows crackers in your cabin bags you may not be able to take them through security so they would need to be checked in regardless. If you do pack them in your checked-in luggage and are allowed by your airline, you have to report this to the check in desk.

3 Where are you travelling to?

Do not pack crackers in any luggage if you are going to USA as these are not allowed under any circumstances. It’s worth checking other destinations too, as there are many parts of the world where crackers are not well known. It’s generally regarded as a tradition in; the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

4 What are you taking?

Quite simply, homemade crackers are not allowed on any flights or through any security checks anywhere. The points above only relate to shop bought ones in their original sealed retail packaging.
Think also about the contents and fillers, some ready filled crackers have sharp objects inside which will cause an issue if packed in hand luggage.

Standard cracker snaps

Why do these rules exist?

It’s about the snaps that come inside the crackers.

A standard cracker snap is made up of two strips of card. On the end of one strip there is a tiny amount of a compound called silver fulminate. The other strip has two tiny sections of sandpaper.
The ends of the two strips of card are then joined with a thin piece of tissue paper wrapped round the centre section and fixed to hold the strips together. When the cracker is pulled apart, the sandpaper creates friction with the compound and this is what causes the bang noise. It also releases a tiny puff with a distinctive smell, liked by some, hated by others.

So, what’s my solution? Introducing the ecosnap…

I have created a cracker snap that works without the troublesome compound. The ecosnap is made of one single strip of card, with a clever notch in the middle, so when the cracker is pulled there is still some resistance. The ecosnap breaks with a gentle pop. You can happily take these anywhere safe in the knowledge that it’s only cardboard!

There are some added benefits too;

  • The ecosnaps are fully recyclable and made in the UK.
  • Being low-noise they are perfectly suited to those who find loud noises problematic
  • Also for pet owners, as for some pets, crackers can cause a flight or fight response.
    (For more information, read my blogs)
Standard noisy snaps and low noise ecosnaps packaging

* The ecosnap is exclusive to Keep This Cracker and approved stockists
Ecosnap is a registered trademark and a registered design.

PLEASE NOTE: The information in this blog post is correct to my knowledge and at time of writing. Please check with your airline and airports before you travel and see the links below for more information.

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